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Yuen Long to
Sheung Shui Section

Yuen Long to
Sheung Shui Section

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Safety Tip:
Parts of the cycle track section will have more up and down ramps or bends. There are about 20 junctions where cyclists must dismount, some of which will require dismounting and pushing the bicycles for about 100 metres. Please ride slowly and pay attention to the road conditions.

Found along the section from Yuen Long to Sheung Shui are the scenic spots with rich natural and cultural ambience, as well as deep historical roots. There are not only beautiful natural landscapes and wildlife animals, but also many historical and cultural monuments. Nam Sang Wai, the most well-known natural attraction in Yuen Long, has been so popular for years for its romantic and pleasant scenery, attracting scores of visitors to “check-in” on social media platforms! In addition, the Mai Po Nature Reserve, also known as the "Bird’s Paradise“, provides shelters for wildlife animals, while serving as an important en-route stop for migrating water birds.

Tai Fu Tai Mansion, the residence of the descendants of Man Tin Cheung, the loyal minister of Song Dynasty who wrote the poem “The Song of the Righteous Spirit”, is also located in the area. Found nearby is Man Tin Cheung Park, allowing visitors to commemorate Man’s impressive loyalty and righteousness - “Everyone must die. Let me but leave a loyal heart shining in the pages of history”.

Yuen Long to Sheung Shui Section