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University Station to
Ma On Shan Section

University Station to
Ma On Shan Section

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University Station, Sha Tin and Ma On Shan are all famous for their natural scenery, cultural elements and long cycling trails. One can start off near Shing Mun River, ride along the eastern bank of Tolo Harbour to reach Ma On Shan, and enjoy the scenery along the route. If time allows, one can visit the Wu Kai Sha Pebble Beach, a popular location for watching sunsets. At sundown time, many residents and visitors are drawn to this beach for a stroll along the shore in its relaxing atmosphere. Apart from cycling, one can also visit other scenic spots and historical sites in the district, which provide an unexpected rich experience. Exhibitions at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum take visitors on a journey through history and ancient art. Che Kung Temple is a popular attraction drawing both locals and overseas visitors all year round. Tsang Tai Uk, one of the best-preserved Hakka walled villages in Hong Kong, is not to be missed. With granite, green bricks and ancient wood used over a hundred years ago still preserved in its buildings, this village stands as a silent witness to the passage of time.

University Station to Ma On Shan Section